Running Sunglasses

I recently bought my first “proper” pair of running sunglasses or runnies as my friend calls them. I chose to buy Ryders as they’d been recommended to me by one of my parkrun buddy’s.
I wore them for the first time last week (due to not needing them as the sun hasn’t been shining much since I got them) and again at King of the Mountain trail run on Sunday. I was really impressed,
They are so light that you forget you’ve got them on, they don’t bounce and they are really comfortable on my nose. I find most sunglasses sit hard on the bridge of my nose but because of the Ryder nose grips
I could adjust them so as they don’t sit comfortably. They are also reasonably priced.
I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again and also recommend them to my friends.

Tina Franklin‎
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